Above Ground Pool Lifts

Aquatic Access is the home of the original ADA-compliant IGAT line of pool lifts, each of which includes all components needed for installation in its base price, and is built to fit your pool.

Powered by flowing water, Aquatic Access provides the green solution for access to aquatic activity for everyone.

Model AG48WP: The Pool Lift Model AG-48WP is an enabling addition to freestanding above-ground pools and spas.

This lift mounts on a customer-supplied 6" x 6" wood post set 30" into the ground, secured with

concrete, and cut off even with the top of the pool wall. The standard seat can be mounted facing
right, left, or straight out, and has two stationary armrests. Several styles of manual-turn handles
allow some peopleto be able to use this lift unassisted by manually rotating themselves while on the seat.

The wood post (WP) design is available in the AG-60 and AG-72 models as well.

Refer to our dimensional worksheet for information needed when ordering this lift.
Model SLE36 & SLE48: The Pool Lift Model AG-48 is a lift designed for access to above-ground spas and hot tubs. On the model shown, the cylinder is welded to a 16" x 16" stainless-steel plate with tripod supports. This plate is bolted to the floor and the cylinder may be attached to the top edge of the spa in some applications. Other mountings are available. The standard seat faces away from the spa, and has two rigid arms. Optional side seats and several styles of manual turn handles allow some people to use this lift
unassisted by manually rotating themselves while on the seat. Other applications for this unit include freestanding nursing home tubs, therapy pools, and swim-spas. It is essential to provide dimensional information about your pool or spa to Aquatic Access.
Model AG72: The Pool Lift Model AG72 was specifically designed to lift people into and out of above-ground high wall therapy pools walls. After raising the seat, the assistant turns the seat while helping to lift the patient's legs, then turns the valve handle to lower the seat inside the pool. The stainless-steel plate at the base of the cylinder is bolted to the floor, and a stainless-steel bracket around the top of the cylinder is bolted through the top pool flange. The standard seat has two arms and a seat belt is included with each lift.  

Aquatic Access manufactures a variety of water-powered lifts to provide access to pools, spas, boats, and docks for individuals who have difficulty with stairs and ladders. The extensive Aquatic Access product line includes several models that meet or exceed all of the existing and proposed ADA and ABA guidelines for public pools and spas, as well as a number of highly adaptable lifts for private pools. All Aquatic Access lifts can be customized for unusual pool situations. A variety of accessories and options are available as well. Relying on the environmentally friendly and renewable power of water, Aquatic Access lifts are the green choice to provide access to water activities for everyone.